A Lost in Oblivion Extra!

A Rockstar Romantic Comedy

With the crash and burn of Simon Kagan’s singing career, things have been a little off between him and Margo Reece.

The passion is there–it’s always there–but he wants to make sure she knows just how invested and committed he is to making her happy.

Even if that means breaking out a ring and convincing her to wear one.

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My name is Hunter Jordan, lead singer of Hammered and no, I didn’t name my cock Manaconda.

Rolling Stone did.

On the front cover of their damn magazine.

I still haven’t lived it down. And now our record label wants to maximize the frenzy.

So, I have a brand new PR person–Kennedy McManus.

And she’s making me insane.

I don’t know whether to ignore her, yell at her, or push her up against the wall and kiss her smart mouth shut.

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Releases Jan 19th





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I used to be a good girl. Until he tempted me to be bad…

Just one night.

It only took one night to lose my grandmother, the most important person in my life.

Just one night.

That mind-blowing night locked in with my alphahole boss, Blake Carson, made me start to crumble. To forget why I’d made the choices I had and what was at stake.

Just one night.

I risked everything in our seductive game of cat and mouse. Until he cut me loose.

Just one night.

Now he’s back, and he’s the only one who can save me…or let me fall.

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Volume 4

She is my obsession. But someone else is obsessed with me...

I'm used to being in charge. With money comes power, and I have plenty of both.

But one person doesn't bow down to me. She challenges me at every turn and drives me insane with longing.

She's my assistant, Grace Copeland, and she wants something that, by rights, is mine.

But others are also after what is mine. And I'm willing to do whatever’s necessary to protect what—and who—belongs to me.

Including Grace.

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COMING: January 8th