#AtoZchallenge : C is for Creativity

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Creativity with a bonus topic, Crit Partner

Pinterest became an inadvertent star of this little challenge. And since I’m such a visual writer it’s really no surprise. The storyboards and inspirational pics have really sparked my writing lately. It always amazes me the creativity that others have. Case in point. That crazy room with the circular library.

One of my long-term dreams was a tower room to work in. A huge circular desk and bookcases that would hold my favorite novels and craft books. (I’m addicted to writing how to’s.) This room took my little dream and folded it on its ear and came up with something even more amazing.

For me, this happens all the damn time when I’m working with my critique partner, Cari Quinn. (She’s amazing. SERIOUSLY. Not just because I’m biased! If you like sexy, sexy romance then give her a try.) She can take a mundane idea and twist it all around until I’m staring at my screen like this: o_O

And not for a bad reason. Just because I’d never think of things her way. Well, I’d never HAVE thought that way. A lot has changed since we became writing partners and best friends. Not only does she know me inside and out, but she makes me work harder on my stories. Push for more, take more risks with my characters and plot.

And she does it without tearing down my work. Without even uttering a word sometimes. We’re slowly learning to call each other on stories that are taking the easy way out…pushing each other for more than just the support aspect that we needed when we first met. This is exactly what a crit partner should do. I got damn lucky when I found mine.


  1. I love that picture. I could be happy there. :) I have a writing buddy and she is a freelance editor. It comes in handy. I hope she doens’t go too easy on my, but it’s hard to tell. Hopefully, I am as great as she says I am!

    • Thanks for stopping by. An editor in your pocket is a GREAT way to hone your craft. And they know ways to be honest without dragging you into the deep hole of despair. LOL Count yourself VERY lucky!!
      Cari has edited in the past. Believe me. It helps!

  2. OMG I want a study room like this! I think creativity and crit partner go hand in hand – no matter how good a writer, feedback is always needed to make a story the best that it can be.

    • Ain’t that the truth, Melanie! I don’t know what I’d do without her. And man, that room makes me want to get right to work. Either that or climb up the ladder and find a good book. LOL

  3. Love that you’ve found a wonderful crit partner!! That is so essential for good writing!

    And so glad you decided to join the Challenge—it is a lot of fun! Enjoy!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Paula. Luckily Cari knows just how important she is to the whole process. Of course with the amount of stroking in here her head is going to get big. (no, not really. lol)

  4. You’ve sparked my interest in Pinterest. I love your illustration.

    I haven’t got a critique partner/group so I flounder around all by myself . . . sad, isn’t it? *wink, wink*

    • I gotta say, searching out a partner is a great way to get moving in your career. I know some writers can do it on their own, but I’ve really been at max strength with my writing thanks to having someone in my corner. Search them out on websites that cater to your genre. I found Cari on the eHarlequin site. (Which is a miracle, because neither of us go on there a lot) A nice bit of Karma involved with our situation too, methinks.

      and Pinterest is the devil. I’m convinced.

  5. Oh, my god. I WANT that room. It actually looks not unlike the room I made for myself in the mansion I built in my head when I was around ten…not to mention things like this are EXACTLY the reason I’m crazy about the awesomeness that is natural building. You can make such amazingly-shaped spaces when you’re using cob or straw bale or rammed earth.

    Also, I checked out Cari Quinn’s site — she’s fabulous! I bet she’s a great critique partner, and there’s nothing like someone whose writing you really enjoy to make for constructive criticism that really ticks. Lucky you (and lucky her too!)

    • Thanks for stopping in, Jericha. She really is amazing. If you look up I just reviewed her latest book. *SWOOOOON* Saaaaaaaaam. LOL

      Sounds like you have my kind of imagination. I’ve always wanted a tower room. ALWAYS. I used to be horribly addicted to HGTv when my mom was alive. We’d watch all sorts of shows about the different kinds of homes out there. Such amazing stuff!

    • Thanks, Luna!
      I’m having fun with the topics. =)

  6. Love the picture :) thanks for sharing.


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